eau de parfum

Narciso Rodriguez

It’s perfect. Now apparently this discovery is behind the times and Narciso Rodriguez was a winner back in 2006, but I just made the purchase and could not be happier. Describing perfumes is not really a forte of mine, but it’s musky and (sephora claims) fit for an “Egyptian Queen.” I’m in love and apparently a newly crowned Egyptian Queen. I’ll take it. Where’s Antony?

“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.”
-Christoan Dior

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  1. M. Connor

    One of the things I have always found fascinating about Cleopatra is that even though one might consider her a “failed” queen because she failed to keep her throne & her country from Rome, the Romans most certainly considered her to be one of the most infamous women. They maligned her & marveled at her, & in the process of trying to destroy her, they created a legend. Sarah Pomeroy, an historian, is convinced that the Romans feared Cleopatra as much as they did Hannibal – to consider Cleopatra as much of a threat as Hannibal, who marched on Rome & almost destroyed it, is quite an accomplishment, in my mind. So even though Hollywood reduces her to a sex goddess & a plaything for Caesar & Antony, she made Romans quake in their (figurative) boots.

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